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Prior to Easter I sent out a letter reinforcing our non-negotiables for staff and pupils. This was a result of feedback received from parents via our online questionnaires and serves to reinforce the ethos of opportunity for all at Ysgol Bae Baglan. These non-negotiables are very easy to remember and are therefore simple for all of us to follow but the impact that they have on the climate and ethos of YBB is huge. To recap:

1) Limited use of phones. Phones are to be in bags if they are brought to school (they remain the responsibility of parents/ carers if they are brought). Pupils can use phones at lunch or break only in the dining rooms.
2) Good work ethic, high levels of cooperation, engage with work and always do your best.
3) Good punctuality: to school and to lessons.
4) Respect for staff and environment.
5) Full uniform/ correct equipment/ remove outer garments in class.
6) Leave social issues outside classroom.

We will continue to reinforce and refine these values with feedback from staff, pupils and parents throughout this half term.