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Areas of Learning and Experience (AoLE)

Our curriculum will provide learning experiences throughout the Areas of

The new curriculum framework features overarching topics in the form of:
an Introduction; Summary of Legislation; Designing your Curriculum, and
Supporting learner progression: Assessment.

  • Expressive arts incorporating art, dance, drama and music. It will encourage
    creativity and critical thinking, and include performance.
  • Health and wellbeing: this covers the physical, psychological, emotional and social
    aspects of life, helping learners make informed decisions about their health and
    wellbeing and learn how to manage social influences. This AoLE permeates across
    the curriculum and is reinforced in our PSE lessons.
  • Humanities: incorporating geography, history, RE, business studies and sociology.
    It will be based on human experiences and will also cover Welsh culture.
  • Science and technology incorporating biology, chemistry, physics, computer
    science, and design and technology.
  • Mathematics and numeracy, which will include working both independently and
    collaboratively with others.
  • Languages, literacy and communication: this will include Welsh, English and
    international languages. Welsh language teaching will still be compulsory.

Each AoLE comprises:

  1. An explanation of how it supports the four purposes.
  2. ‘What Matters’ statements and rationales – which provide the foundation
    for learning in the Area, and set out the ‘big ideas’ that underpin it.
  3. Principles of Progression which set out how learners should make
    progress, and contribute to the Four Purposes
  4. Descriptions of Learning – which articulate the essence of learning in the
    Area across the five progression steps

Areas of learning and experience