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Home Learning, Satchel One and ShowMyHomework

Welcome to Ysgol Bae Baglan’s Home Learning Page.


It has been great welcoming our pupils back to Ysgol Bae Baglan over the last few weeks. We do however understand the need to plan for any occurrence regarding COVID -19 and the possible self-isolation of our pupils. On this page you will find all the necessary links and advice you need to carry on your education at home while self-isolating.


Where do I find the work that has been set?


All home learning will be delivered through our homework app ‘Satchel One’ (previously known as ShowMyHomework). All pupils should have their log in details to access this app/website, however you can also contact the school technical team on to obtain your pin.


If any parents need help with Satchel One, you can access their help centre here

We have also put together a quick guide to help parents which can be downloaded here: Satchell One Parent Guide


Pupils can also access help with Satchel One by visiting the following help centre


All Year Groups:

You can download a help guide to homework and home learning here: Remote Learning Help

How do I access work my Teacher has set me if I am self-isolating?

All work will be set in every Year group through Satchel One (previously ShowMyHomework). Watch the following video on how to log on, access work and submit work to your teacher.


What if I haven’t got Microsoft Office?

We have asked teachers to set work that does not require office, but of course, you can download Microsoft Office for FREE if you need it. You just need to use your Hwb account and follow these instructions.  If you don’t have your hwb login details then email to obtain your username and password.

Downloading Office From Hwb


My Home Learning task has been set on Flipgrid. How do I access and complete this?

The following video will show you how to use Flipgrid to submit work to your teachers.

Year 8 to Year 11:


My teacher has asked me to submit work through Microsoft Teams or OneNote, how do I do this?

Your work will still be set on Satchel One but your teacher might ask you to complete and submit work this way. This will only be used for pupils in Year’s 8-11. The following video guide will show you how to access Teams and OneNote and complete any work set by your teachers.

My Maths teacher wants me to complete home learning using Maths Watch. How do I access and complete this?

The following video shows how to access and complete using Maths Watch.

Some additional information that will help you with Maths Watch.

Maths Watch student and parent guide.

Maths Watch topic and video guide a quick reference


Year 10 & 11 Pupils


I have been asked to carry out revision on GCSE Pod. How do I do this?

Lots of teachers will ask GCSE pupils to revise as part of their course. GCSE Pod is an excellent tool to allow you to do this. So how do you access and use the website. Watch the following video on how it works;

During self-isolation I also need help maintaing health and wellbeing
Useful Websites