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School organisation

Lower School- Head of School Mrs K. Palmer

The lower school is organised into 9 full time classes with the addition of daily morning and afternoon nursery sessions. Children from age 3-7 are taught mainly within year groups in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 and Year 2, also known as the Foundation Phase.  Children from age 7-9 are taught mainly within year groups Year 3, Year 4 and study the National Curriculum.


Middle School – Head of School Mr A. Marchant

Year 5 and Year 6 are maininly taught within Year classes and study the National Curriculum. Pupils will have regular opportunities to study within the secondary phase area of the building to access specialist teaching facilities.   On entry to the school pupils are placed in mixed Year 7 / 8 registration groups or “forms”. A lot of thought goes into the make-up of the forms and we will ensure that every child has friends within these groups. All pupils are taught by specialist subject teachers where the emphasis is on skill development based on the literacy and numeracy framework. For their academic classes pupils are placed into ability groups with regular reviews taken to monitor progress. Where necessary several smaller classes are created for pupils who require greater support in acquiring the necessary basic skills to enable them to fully access the curriculum. In addition, those needing extra help in the basic skills development are withdrawn for additional tuition


Upper School – Head of School Mrs S. Rogers

In Year 9 pupils will be reorganised into single year registration groups. All pupil progress will be evaluated and pupils may move academic classes based on their ability and progress. In addition to this Maths and English will have the opportunity to set the pupils within these streams. In Year 10 and 11 pupils will continue in the same registration and academic classes as Year 9 but we will continue to adjust these based on the individual needs of pupils.  Pupils academic class in English and Mathematics will continue to respond to performance in regular testing and teacher evaluation. In order to provide additional support for pupils the Year 10 form tutors are predominately English specialists with the Year 11 team being made up of predominantly maths specialists.