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The Curriculum at Ysgol Bae Baglan


Our curriculum will reflect our values and beliefs.  Those of Respect, Resilience, Equality and Fairness, Ambition and the Value of Education. 

Our learners will have respect for themselves and others, be adaptable and have the confidence to overcome difficulties, they will understand the needs of others and value our differences.  They will have a desire to succeed and ambition to better themselves and our community, to make decisions and value skills and knowledge that will support them to be creative, ethical, capable and informed citizens of their communities and the wider world

Our community will be one which is engaged with learning and recognises the value of education to enable us all to prepare for the future and challenge issues faced by today’s society.


Our curriculum will promote our values and tackle the challenges that society faces and have a worldwide outlook which adapts and prepares children for the future. It will be broad and balanced encompassing all aspects of the statements of what matters and underpinned by the twelve pedagogical principles, employing a range of teaching approaches.


We will develop high quality teaching and learning that is relevant and engaging. Students will be encouraged to use complex ways to think about what they are learning. Staff will be supported to provide the best possible learning experiences within the classroom and will take risks, collaborate and engage in meaningful professional learning.  They will be supported to be the best that they can be to allow pupils to thrive, achieve and be successful.

We strive to create a learning environment where all pupils feel that they are an integral part of the school community, who contribute confidently to their own learning and that of others. In order to embrace learning successfully, we need to our pupils to be Ready, Respectful, and Safe. Ready, Respectful, and Safe underpins the school’s values with the expectation that:

  • Ready– we are ready to learn and ready to help each other learn;
  • Respectful – we respect ourselves, each other and our school;
  • Safe – we keep ourselves and each other safe.

Our curriculum focusses on understanding what it means to make progress in a given area of discipline and how learners should deepen and broaden their knowledge and understanding, skills and capacities and attributes and dispositions and is informed by the progression code. This in turn supports our approach to assessment, the purpose of which is to inform planning for future learning. High quality teaching and learning experiences along with assessment will enable our learners to move forward in their learning and is at the heart of our curriculum.


We want to create ambitious, capable, informed and enterprising individuals who care for themselves and others and make a lifelong commitment to improving themselves and their community.