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Author: Mr G Williams

Disney 2022

Dear Parent / Carer,

The Disney trip 2022 is now full. We understand that a lot of pupils are disappointed and have  have opened a reserve list.  Please message us via Satchel 1 if you would like your child’s name to be put on it. They will also get first choice to go in 2023.

Latest release from Qualifications Wales -Year 11 Summer 2021

Please use the link below to access the latest learner information released today by QW.

After Easter, most subject areas will be making use of the WJEC adapted past papers and you will complete these under controlled conditions within your classroom. These will not be completed in one session as an examination but will be divided into sections.

You will also need to bring into school any work that you have completed during this enforced period of lockdown for your teachers to assess. This is essential for those of you following practical courses such as Art, Photography, and Technology based subjects.

Please ensure that you continue to engage with your remote learning and that you also start to prepare for these forthcoming assessments.

Further information about this will be shared with you on your return to school.

QW_Summer 2021 Learner