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Author: Mr G Williams

Transition Information

  1. Transition Booklet can be found on website
  2. Pupils have been working on the Local Heroes transition project can be found at Work can be submitted at
  3. Meet the Teachers Flip Grid
  4. A virtual tour of the school with Richard
  5. Our PE department have organised a virtual sports day.  Challenges can be found at:

YBB Pupil End of Year Reports

This year pupil reports will be shared with pupils / parents / carers using the Show My Homework app that your child has been using regularly for the past months during lockdown.

Year 7 reports have been released today and will show on the app as a homework task under the heading Y7 reports.

Year 8 will be distributed later this week, followed by Y9 and 10 next week.

Timetables for Y7-10

Letter-TT_5Pupil group timetables can be accessed using the link below.

For years 7-9 timetables have been organised by pupil surname. This means that if for example your child is in Reg Group 7AHA(DGR) and their surname begins with the letter E then they are to attend between 8:30 and 11:15. If your child is also in 7AHA(DGR) and their surname begins with the letter P then they will attend between 12:00 and 2:45.
This is also the same for Y10 when attending for non-option subjects.

Any queries please contact the school on 01639 508540

June 29 – July 23rd

Click here to access timetables