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Author: Mr G Williams

Power up resources for exams and assessments

With the summer exam series approaching, Qualifications Wales have  partnered with Welsh Government, Careers Wales, e-sgol and WJEC to reintroduce the Power Up content hubto support learners taking assessments this year.

There are a range of resources available, including revision guides, online revision sessions, health and wellbeing support, and help for learners planning their next steps. 

Alternative link to resources, copy and paste into browser:

Year 10 Examinations

Year 10 will be sitting their school-based examinations between March 11th – March 21st and information about these can be accessed here.

Some will also be sitting GCSE Units in May and June and information about these can be accessed via the link in the attached letter.

All information regarding examinations can be found in the GCSE examination information in the Pupil section on our website.

Meeting for parents whose children are attending the Disney trip in March 2024.

There will be an information meeting for parents and pupils on Thursday 18th January in the Atrium. We offer 2 sessions either 3.30 – 4.00 or 4.30 – 5.00.

Please fill in the Form below to let us know if you are able to attend and which session you would prefer. Please make every effort to attend as essential information such as departure / return times, health insurance, money etc will be given and we will also be able to answer any queries or concerns.

GCSE Resources

Please use the link below to access some new resources released by WJEC. The Knowledge Organisers are a great resource to help with revision as we approach the GCSE examinations.

Also on the page you will find links to other excellent resources. The exam walk throughs are particularly good and you will be able to access past papers and mark schemes, all which will help your child as they prepare for their examinations.

Qualifications 22/23

Qualification Wales has published their guide to exams and assessments 2022-2023, to give learners the information they need about arrangements for their qualifications this year.

It includes lots of helpful information, including:

  • an overview of this year’s arrangements
  • key dates
  • information on grading
  • advance information
  • links to helpful websites where learners can access revision tips, wellbeing guidance and other support

The document can be accessed here