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Summer School Uniform

Dear Parents and Carers,

School uniform is central to our way of building a sense of community among students, staff, and parents as well as the local community.  Each year we review the wearing of PE kit as a summer uniform. Once again we will be allowing pupils from Nursery to Year 10 to wear PE kit to school from after half term.  

I would like to be clear that pupils in have two options only.  To wear normal school uniform or to wear normal PE kit. Inappropriate garments such as crocs or hotpants will not be permitted, and my team will be contacting homes where pupils do not respect our policy.  Our full uniform requirements are set out in full here: 

If pupils do not have the correct PE kit, then they must wear their normal school uniform. 

I would ask that Year 11 continue to wear uniform to their formal examinations as they have done up to this point. The examination hall has air conditioning. 

For school uniform to have a positive effect in building our community and improving standards, then it needs the support of all our parents.  Pupils need clear and consistent messaging from both school and home, and we hope that we can rely on you for that.  We want to help those families that are struggling, but the best way to help all of our children right now is to set out the high expectations we all have for them. 

We hope that once again this compromise to our uniform policy will support pupils to be more comfortable in class without compromising our expectations for high standards.  

Yours faithfully.  

R. Rees