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Author: Mr S. Davies

Message from NPT Local Authority – Childcare

Message from NPT Local Authority


Dear Parent / Carer


In response to the early lockdown period, Neath Port Talbot local authority provided hub childcare facilities for critical workers. This was an immediate response to the emergency childcare needs for those on the frontline of the national cause to minimise the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Schools were repurposed in line with Welsh Government’s guidance to provide these facilities.


Following consultation with other agencies including the NHS and as we progress our national recovery programme, the same level of need no longer exists and the lifting of restrictions allows for childcare to be delivered by more normal means. The repurposing of schools has been reversed and as a result, the local authority will not be providing summer childcare for critical workers. This decision is in accordance with other neighbouring local authorities, Welsh Government decisions and paves an opportunity for childcare providers in Neath Port Talbot to re-establish their businesses and ensure that childcare needs are met accordingly.


Families wishing to access childcare are welcome to contact the local authority’s Family Information Service ( ) who will provide a list of registered providers who would be able to meet their needs.


The local authority’s Children Services and Education Directorate are currently constructing a summer support programme for our most vulnerable learners, many of whom have found lockdown conditions particularly challenging and detrimental. This programme will seek to deliver bespoke support for those assessed to be our most isolated children and young people suffering from increased stresses and substantial psychological inequality. The programme will be configured around current resource, allowing services to deliver increased opportunities for safe social interaction and enhanced wellbeing and mental health interventions.


Again, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to parents and carers for their understanding and cooperation during these challenging times.


Yours sincerely,

Aled Evans

Director of Education, Leisure and Lifelong Learning



Neges gan Awdurdod Lleol CNPT


Annwyl Riant / Gofalwr


Mewn ymateb i’r cyfnod cynnar o gloi, darparodd awdurdod lleol Castell-nedd Port Talbot gyfleusterau gofal plant mewn hybiau ar gyfer gweithwyr critigol. Roedd hwn yn ymateb uniongyrchol i anghenion gofal plant brys y rheini sydd ar reng flaen yr achos cenedlaethol i leihau effaith y pandemig coronafirws. Cafodd ysgolion eu hailbwrpasu yn unol â chanllawiau Llywodraeth Cymru i ddarparu’r cyfleusterau hyn.


Yn dilyn ymgynghori ag asiantaethau eraill gan gynnwys y GIG ac wrth inni symud ymlaen â’n rhaglen adferiad cenedlaethol, nid yw’r un lefel o angen yn bodoli mwyach ac mae codi’r cyfyngiadau yn caniatáu i ofal plant gael ei ddarparu trwy ddulliau mwy arferol. Mae ysgolion bellach wedi dychwelyd i’w pwrpas creiddiol ac o ganlyniad, ni fydd yr awdurdod lleol yn darparu gofal plant haf i weithwyr critigol. Mae’r penderfyniad hwn yn unol a’r hyn sy’n digwydd mewn awdurdodau lleol eraill cyfagos, penderfyniadau Llywodraeth Cymru ac yn rhoi cyfle i ddarparwyr gofal plant yng Nghastell-nedd Port Talbot ailsefydlu eu busnesau a sicrhau bod anghenion gofal plant yn cael eu diwallu yn unol â hynny.


Mae croeso i deuluoedd sydd am gael mynediad at ofal plant gysylltu â Gwasanaeth Gwybodaeth i Deuluoedd yr awdurdod lleol ( ) a fydd yn darparu rhestr o ddarparwyr cofrestredig a fyddai’n gallu diwallu eu hanghenion.


Ar hyn o bryd mae Gwasanaethau Plant a Chyfarwydiaeth Addysg yr awdurdod lleol yn llunio rhaglen gymorth haf ar gyfer ein dysgwyr mwyaf bregus, y mae llawer ohonynt wedi canfod amodau cloi yn arbennig o heriol ac niweidiol. Bydd y rhaglen hon yn ceisio darparu cefnogaeth bwrpasol i’r rhai yr aseswyd eu bod yn blant a phobl ifanc mwyaf ynysig sy’n dioddef o bwysau cynyddol ac anghydraddoldeb seicolegol sylweddol. Bydd y rhaglen wedi’i seilio o amgylch adnoddau cyfredol, gan ganiatáu i wasanaethau ddarparu mwy o gyfleoedd ar gyfer rhyngweithio cymdeithasol diogel a gwell ymyriadau lles ac iechyd meddwl.


Unwaith eto, hoffem achub ar y cyfle hwn i fynegi ein diolch i rieni a gofalwyr am eu dealltwriaeth a’u cydweithrediad yn ystod yr amseroedd heriol hyn.


Yr eiddoch yn gywir,

Aled Evans

Cyfarwyddwr Addysg, Hamdden a Dysgu Gydol Oes

Aled Evans
Director of Education, Leisure and Lifelong Learning,

Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council

Cyfarwyddwr Addysg, Hamdden a Dysgu Gydol Oes,

Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Castell-nedd Port Talbot

Letter to parents regarding Coronavirus


Dear parents and carers,

As Headteacher of Ysgol Bae Baglan I have the interests of all of our children at the heart of all decisions that we make. I continue to follow advice from Local, National and UK governments, and announcements by Public Health Wales.  I have listened to all advisory bodies and although school closure remains a possibility for the future, all advice right now is to remain open.  We have no confirmed cases.

Some parents have made the decision to keep their children at home because of concerns about family health conditions.  In some cases, this is not in line with advice from Public Health Wales or government guidance, but I respect parents’ decisions.  When parents’ decisions are in line with WG guidance then we will authorise absence, this includes when pupils have a new persistent cough or high temperature.  Absences which do not follow government guidance are being recorded, coding and authorisation of these will be discussed with the Local Authority.

We have taken steps to reduce risk to pupils.  We have stopped all school trips, sports fixtures and parents’ evenings.  We have closed the school to public bookings out of school hours, we have cancelled school assemblies and stopped the use of our meeting rooms by outside agencies and governors.  We have stopped the use of biometric readers and toilet areas are being continually checked and soap replenished. Teachers have spoken to pupils about hand washing and where possible this is being demonstrated in class. We will constantly review these measures and respond to any advice.

In preparation for any future school closure, we have been discussing the preparation of schoolwork as advised by Kirsty Williams the Minister for Education.  We are working on ways of publishing this work and will give details in the near future.

We have had a large increase in email correspondence and telephone calls at school.  In response, all correspondence will be through publishing regular letters home where I will try and answer as many questions as possible.  These will appear on the school website, Twitter and Facebook.


Yours faithfully

Mr R. Rees



End of Term Letter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As we approach the summer holiday, there are a couple of points I would like to bring to your attention and ask for your co-operation:


The school has a Uniform Policy which can be viewed on the website. I would like to reiterate that:

  • Pupils in Year 7-11 are not allowed to wear jeans, skinny trousers, leggings or tracksuit bottoms to school.
  • Jewellery is not allowed in school however a watch and a single set of stud earrings are permitted. No facial piercings are allowed.
  • We do not permit extremes of fashion in students’ hairstyles. Added hair colours must be natural and subtle. Hair braiding and patterns cut into hair or eyebrows are not acceptable.

If you are concerned about whether a particular item/style is suitable then you should contact the school for advice before buying or sending your child to school.

Attendance and Punctuality

Your assistance in ensuring that your children attend school regularly and are punctual are greatly appreciated. The Welsh Government target for attendance is 95%. School begins at 8.30 a.m. and the expectation is that pupils are at their classes by this time.

Once again, thank you for your continued support.

Yours faithfully,

R E Rees (Mr)

Deputy HeadteacherLetter to parents – July 19