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Changes to INSET

Dear parent or carer,

A few weeks ago we informed parents about the postponement of our INSET day so that we could bring pupils back to school without further disruption.

We have now arranged our two remaining INSET days for

  • Monday 7th June
  • Friday 9th July

On these days, staff will be in school taking part in training.  Pupils will be at home and will not receive home learning activities.

Yours faithfully

R. Rees



Immunisations – Year 8 & 9

HPV Immunisations Year 8 & 9

HPV Immunisations will be taking place on 19th, 20th & 21st April for the whole of Year 8 & 9.

Consent forms for Year 8 will be given to pupils on 17th March and need to be returned by the 24th March.

Year 9 Consent Forms were completed last year and will be used again this year.

MMR Immunisations – Year 8 & 9

Forms for the MMR Vaccination will also be given to pupils in Year 8 & 9 who have not yet been vaccinated.  Year 8 forms to be returned by 24th March and Year 9 Forms to be returned by 25th March.

Please could all forms be returned, even if you do not wish your child to have the vaccinations.

Latest release from Qualifications Wales -Year 11 Summer 2021

Please use the link below to access the latest learner information released today by QW.

After Easter, most subject areas will be making use of the WJEC adapted past papers and you will complete these under controlled conditions within your classroom. These will not be completed in one session as an examination but will be divided into sections.

You will also need to bring into school any work that you have completed during this enforced period of lockdown for your teachers to assess. This is essential for those of you following practical courses such as Art, Photography, and Technology based subjects.

Please ensure that you continue to engage with your remote learning and that you also start to prepare for these forthcoming assessments.

Further information about this will be shared with you on your return to school.

QW_Summer 2021 Learner

Free mobile data for parents

Welsh Government are putting together a free mobile data package for parents. Similar to the one England have in place.

Details of the scheme are available here: MNO Guidance Document

Since this document was created, new providers have now joined the scheme, so now anyone from the following providers can apply:

BT Mobile & EE, Three & SMARTY, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, Tesco Mobile.

All parents interested should be aware of the privacy notice here: Privacy Notice – Mobile Data Uplifts for Digitally Excluded Learners

If Parents wish to take advantage of this offer, you need to complete the form below by filling in the information school asap.

Please complete the form here: