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The Year 8 Interim Reports will be made available via Satchel:one throughout the day. All pupil reports will be uploaded by 4pm at the latest so please check throughout the day.

School Uniform Secondary Phase.

Dear Parents,

School uniform is central to our way of building a sense of community among students, staff, and parents as well as the local community. 

School uniform plays a key role in promoting pride, self-confidence, and a feeling of belonging within school. These factors contribute to students’ wellbeing.  Wearing a uniform sets our expectations of the mindset we need.  It gives clear signals to pupils that this is a working environment with high standards and helps them separate their social and school life.  When children wear a uniform, as well as gaining a sense of pride, we see improved discipline and concentration. Uniform removes the points of difference between students, unifying the student body and providing a greater focus on academic work.

We recognise that with the cost of living rising, that worries about the cost of uniform can be very real, so we have kept our Secondary Phase uniform simple, with unbranded black footwear, unbranded black trousers and skirts, unbranded white shirts. The school tie and jumper being the only branded uniform items for daily school.  Our uniform bank is also full of items for those families who need more support, and we are grateful to those that have donated good quality items.

Over the last few weeks it is clear that for some pupils, standards have fallen.  Pupils are arriving in school wearing PE Kit or in items which are not part of our uniform.  Some pupils have had to be challenged about wearing outerwear such as hoodies and coats in class as they do not have school jumpers.  Others have said they don’t have any uniform available.

For school uniform to have a positive effect in building our community and improving standards, then it needs the support of all our parents.  Pupils need clear and consistent messaging from both school and home, and we hope that we can rely on you for that.  We want to help those families that are struggling, but the best way to help all of our children right now is to set out the high expectations we all have for them.

Please ensure that on return to school after Easter that pupils have at least the minimum requirement.  Black footwear, black skirt or trousers, white shirt a school tie and a school jumper if the weather is cold.  Outerwear, including hoodies are not to be worn in class.

Thank you for your support

GCSE Resources

Please use the link below to access some new resources released by WJEC. The Knowledge Organisers are a great resource to help with revision as we approach the GCSE examinations.

Also on the page you will find links to other excellent resources. The exam walk throughs are particularly good and you will be able to access past papers and mark schemes, all which will help your child as they prepare for their examinations.

HPV Vaccinations for Year 8 and 9 pupils.

The School Nurses will be attending school on the 13th, 14th and 17th of March to carry out the first dose of HPV Vaccine for Year 8 pupils. Any consent forms not yet returned should be sent into school asap.

Year 9 pupils will be receiving their 2nd dose of the HPV Vaccine on 13th, 14th or 17th March. If you consented to the first dose of the vaccine this automatically carries your consent for the second dose.

Please ensure that your child wears a short sleeved shirt and has breakfast.

Qualifications 22/23

Qualification Wales has published their guide to exams and assessments 2022-2023, to give learners the information they need about arrangements for their qualifications this year.

It includes lots of helpful information, including:

  • an overview of this year’s arrangements
  • key dates
  • information on grading
  • advance information
  • links to helpful websites where learners can access revision tips, wellbeing guidance and other support

The document can be accessed here

Headteacher’s Update – 17th February 2023

I would like to wish all our pupils, families and staff a relaxing half-term break. All pupils will return to school on Monday 27th February. It has been another busy half-term culminating in a non-uniform day yesterday in aid of the earthquake appeal for the people of Turkey and Syria. I am pleased to announce that as a school we managed to raise £1,460. Thank you to everybody for the kind donations.

You may have heard that the NEU have rejected the pay offer from the Welsh Government and as a result, strike action is planned for Thursday 2nd March. Due to the number of staff in the NEU, unfortunately school will be closed to all pupils on that day. I wanted to give you as much prior notice as possible. If the situation changes, I will obviously update you as soon as possible.

Richard Rees


Headteacher’s Update – 10th February 2023

We made you aware yesterday of the news that the National Executive of the NEU had agreed to postpone a planned day of action in Wales, which was scheduled for the 14th February 2023. This is obvioulsy very welcome news and all pupils are therefore expected to attend school next Tuesday. It is worth noting that no formal agreement has been made at this stage. As a result, the strike action origianlly planned for 14th February has been postponed until 2nd March. We will monitor developments in the coming weeks and inform parents through the school website, text service and social media channels.

I would like to remind parents and carers that Friday 17th February is a designated staff training day (INSET dates can be found on the the school website). Therefore, the final day for pupils this half-term will be Thursday 16th February. Term will resume on Monday 27th February for all pupils, whcih will be Week B for pupils in the secondary phase.

I am sure we have been saddened by events in Turkey and Syria after this week’s earthquake. In response, the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) has launched an appeal to provide essential aid and support the wounded. Having spoken to  members of staff and pupils this week, we felt it would be appropriate to support this cause as a school. Therefore, we have decided to designate Thursday 16th February a non-uniform day and ask kindly for a small donation which will be given to the campaign.

Richard Rees