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Headteacher’s Update – 15th September 2023

Pupils have completed two weeks of the Autumn Term and hopefully Year 7 pupils in particular have become accustomed to the two-week timetable. Thankfully, the weather has been a lot cooler this week and pupils have been able to return to their full school uniform. I would like to thank pupils and parents for this as the majority of pupils have worn the appropriate uniform. However, could I remind you that PE kit should not be worn to school or tracksuit bottoms unless appropriate adjustments have been discussed and agreed with school.

Extra-Curricular Activities

It has been lovely to see clubs and sporting fixtures start up again in earnest this week. I had the pleasure of watching rugby and netball fixtures last night. The number of pupils getting involved in the school’s extra-curricular activities is really encouraging. Please look out for notices and announcements in order to get involved as there is a very wide choice. Keep an eye out also on our social media channels as I know the PE Department in particular post lots of updates and pictures throughout the week.

School Environment

A lot of work was carried out on the school site during the summer holiday and perhaps the most striking was the new mural in Lower School Reception. We have Mr John from the Art Department to thank for that. Having spoken to the pupils about what they would like represented in the mural, he produced this beautiful piece which has been warmly received by all that have seen it so far. Diolch Mr John and the pupils who assisted you.

Parking on Site

The car park at the front of the school is open throughout the day but it is locked between the following times for safeguarding purposes as pupils, parents, staff etc are entering or leaving school.

  • 8:15 a.m.- 8:45 a.m.
  • 2:40 p.m. – 3:10 p.m.

If people are parked inside between these times could I remind you that car engines should be off and cars stationary until senior staff instruct cars to move when the gates are being re-opened. I would also recommend that parents and pupils use the pavements and where possible avoid walking in the car park area please.

The rear car park is designated for school staff and transport vehicles for pupils in our Learning Support Centre. The barrier has now been repaired so I would again kindly ask that parents/carers do not enter the site at the start and end of the day unless a pass has been agreed with the school. The drop-off area for pupils being transported by parents/carers remains by the double gates where pupils are met by support staff.


Finally, a reminder that the school will be closed to pupils on Friday 29th September.

Mr Richard Rees